The Art of Punk + MOCAtv

Thursday night MOCA premiered The Art of Punk short documentary film series created exclusively for MOCAtv.  Featuring interviews with seminal punk legends Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and Penny Rimbaud, each episode dissects and discusses the three artists behind the iconic living logos from the bands Black Flag, Crass and the Dead Kennedy’s.

Dave King & Winston Smith 2013 / John Carr

Dave King & Winston Smith 2013 / Estée Ochoa

The premiere was filled with all the likely counter-culture tastemakers from a generation that defined a style and spirit, culturaly influential the world over. The subjects of each film, Winston Smith (The Dead Kennedy’s), and Dave King (Crass), both traveled south to grace us with their presence while Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag) was sadly missed.

Each film is 15 minutes long created by filmmaker Bo Bushnell and author Bryan Ray Turcotte, author of the best-selling Fucked Up + Photocopied, one of the most comprehensive looks into the art of 70s and 80s homemade punk rock fliers. Big up’s to the series editor Tim Brooks and Motion Graphic Designer Brent Stangel for their stylistic contributions that made these films so fun to watch.


Bryan Ray Turcotte 2013 / John Carr

A far cry from the recent high fashion opening of ‘Punk: Chaos to Culture’ at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the L.A. premiere was an impressive showcase of the true orgins and authentic style. MOCA did a decent job at “keeping it real,” serving Colt 45 beer right out of forties wrapped in custom Pettibon paper bags, while DJ Howie Pyro spinned the classics, with a live performance by the band C.R.A.S.H. Not to mention, Turcotte passing out tee’s with a Pettibon screen print along with commemorative numbered zines.

Pettibon paperbags at the Art of Punk premiere / John Carr

Pettibon paperbags at the Art of Punk premiere 2013 / John Carr

The Art Of Punk debuts this Tuesday, June 11, 2013 on MOCAtv with an episode on Raymond Pettibon and the artwork of Black Flag. The stories behind the art of the Dead Kennedys will debut on June 18, and June 25 will see the release of the Crass episode, all of which will be available at:



Photos by Estée Ochoa